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Range of Problems

Animal down, off it’s legs:

Lameness, fore or hind

Dangerous behaviour

Performance puzzles

Geriatric care

Long-term care

Other problems

Animal down, off it’s legs

Four-legged animals naturally have greater inherent stability than us humans with our two legs.

So when four-legged animals stay down, it shows how serious the problem is. There must be gross weakness in two or more legs, the back or the neck. If not broken bones or similar traumas, this could be due to age, infection, or major misalignment impinging relevant nerves.

Heidi is an Alpaca

A baby alpaca who could not get up, immediately sorted out with Chiropractic. Now featured in a magazine article!

A Brazilian Tapir's Bathroom Accident

Falling out of the bath hurt Nel's back, leaving her unable to walk. Usually thick-skinned and placid, she was still poorly months later. Chiropractic did the trick and sorted her out!

Over the Moon

This little rabbit’s back was twisted, leaving his back legs just dragging along the ground. Chiropractic treatment and homeopathy had him hopping about at full power again.

Sophie Can Stand Again!

More or less completely off her back legs, Sophie was almost unable to move forwards, dragging her back end around, sitting with her back legs splayed out to the side...

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