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New Animal Care Centre Opens

Based on a farm at Ryde, these treatments will help animals recover from injury or operations, regain fitness after aches and accidents, and ease arthritis and age-related health problems. Vet referral and membership of the appropriate professional associations makes insurance cover very likely for most situations.

Weight-loss & muscle-toning for fitness, competition or showing is another use for these treatments. Also, exercise sessions for dogs is very helpful when the owner is unable to because of illness or other incapacity. And for dogs, swimming in the specially designed hydrotherapy pool is very popular – so much fun for dogs and owners alike!

To book, phone 01983 566009 during office hours, or leave a message on the answerphone after hours.

Ever enjoyed a massage or found relief from pain after a chiropractic treatment?

So many people have broadened their view of what helps their health. Natural/complementary/alternative therapies are gaining ground with Prince Charles continuing to champion them.

And now there is a Natural Therapy Centre for Animals. Isle of Wight chiropractor Vav Simon has just opened a new base for natural therapies for horses, cats and dogs. In practice for eight years as one of the few fully trained and qualified to work with both humans and animals, she has risen to the top of her profession. She is brought a wide variety of animal problems and has developed a reputation for success. Some are not chiropractic or massage problems, so she refers them back to the vet. Others need both vet and chiropractor to work together to achieve miracles that neither could manage alone.

Her intuitive skills help her assess extremely subtle and complex problems. She is now so depended-upon around the South Coast that she is welcome in thousands of homes and yards. Accepted as a secret weapon for patients winning at Badminton, Crufts and the Olympics, she has also helped animal TV stars, Police horses and dogs, and the Queens Drum Horse recover from injury and over-work.

The Centre will provide chiropractic, massage, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy all from trained staff and visiting specialists. Special clinics will also provide remedial saddlery and ground-breaking new technology ‘healing machines’. This means that Vav can provide help to a much wider range of problems, patients will have quicker access to help and some costly mainland visits will not be necessary.