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Please Note:

Our Hydrotherapy facility is now closed for commercial reasons. We are pleased our Stars show how beneficial professional hydrotherapy services can be.

In The Press

Backache Is A Dogs Life

Regular checkups for you and your pet can catch problems early and prevent misery. Take time to check your posture and watch your dog.

Scientific research reported in

NewScientist “Animal welfare: See things from their perspective” 23 September 2006

Back Care Awareness Week for Pets and Owners

16th to 21st October

BackCare Awareness Week aims to highlight the importance of good back care. Two out of five adults experience back pain. Back problems are the greatest cause of absence from work.

A sneeze can cause back pain. Sudden movements, poor lifting technique or repetitive twisting movements can all “put your back out”. Sometimes, a “trapped nerve” can cause mobility problems rather than pain – the muscles won’t work properly.

Good posture encourages your muscles, joints and ligaments to work as nature intended. It means your vital organs are in the right position and can function at peak efficiency. Good posture can also contribute towards the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Chiropractic helps to heal back problems. Using gentle methods, complete relief can often be found in two or three sessions. Chiropractic is not available on the NHS, but is so quick and effective it saves most people money.

Pets get back problems, too.

Horses, dogs and cats all have skeletons similar to ours. Lameness or wobbly legs, difficulty with saddle, lead or collar, or aggression or whimpering can show the problem. Recent scientific research shows that we may under-estimate how much pain animals may feel.

The Natural Therapy Centre for Animals near Ryde provides chiropractic, hydrotherapy and massage for animals with back problems. Vav Simon, clinical director, is happy to answer telephone enquiries for owners uncertain about their animal’s condition during this week.