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To let everyone share in our excitement in their improvement, we thought we would highlight the great progress some animals have made.

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Better Than 100%

Hit by a car, no-one was too surprised that Basil, then an eight-year-old silver mackerel tabby from the RSPCA, had problems later. He had an obvious injury to his jaw, the tip of his tail was numb, and his back end was weak. He seemed to have recovered reasonably well, although seven years later he began to develop arthritis in his back. His medication for that disagreed with him so it was discontinued.

But a year on, he suddenly developed a habit of obsessively licking his right-hand side – there was some irritation there. Then Basil had what seemed to be an out-of-the-blue ‘fit’: although the vet asked Di, Basil’s owner, to video it, she couldn’t – it all happened so fast. He would turn to lick at his side and his back end would spasm, lock him in a horseshoe shape and flip him onto his back, where he would spin round the room like a breakdancer. This got more and more frequent, until it was happening 12 or more times a day.

Heart and blood tests did not show anything, nor did several other tests. There was no obvious cause for this behaviour. Perhaps it was epilepsy? But the vet was not so sure and Di saw that Basil’s eyes did not roll up during this episode.

Di and her husband were due to go away on holiday soon. They were seriously considering whether it was fair to leave him in kennels with such problems. With the irritated rear end and the clue that Basil wouldn’t let Di stroke him, they wondered about a skeletal problem. With the vet, they decided the only avenue left was to try Vav.

Looking at Basil, Vav found his pelvis was misaligned and so was T6, a vertebra just behind the shoulder blades. She also found some muscle atrophy in his right hind leg. After chiropractic, Vav massaged Basil, which he was happy with, and his reflexes showed normal responses.

Di reported that Basil was immediately better, back to his old self. “In fact, better than 100%” she said, which suggested that he had been coping as well as he could with some of the misalignments for some time. Whether they all came from the RTA, or some grew as a result of six years of compensating for the original misalignments, is impossible to say.

A month later, Basil’s movement was normal, his coat looked much shinier, and he could be stroked. His legs were now symmetrical: “It’s amazing how fast muscle bulk returns after the skeleton is put straight – a horse can make up several inches of muscle in a week”, said Vav. A little tweak at T6 & 7 helped consolidate the realignment, a little more massage to settle him down and Basil is as good as he’s going to get as an older man who’s been in the wars.