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Star of the Month

To let everyone share in our excitement in their improvement, we thought we would highlight the great progress some animals have made.

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Better Than 100%

Lame, constipated, incontinent...

The Tale of the New Wag

The ice wasn't thick enough to support her weight. Brandy had seen ice over the pond before, but she had never tried standing on it. It was only three inches below the lawn level – easy to step down onto it. No-one saw her trying it, but Eileen saw her moments later standing with all four feet on it.

Running outside, Eileen thought Brandy had disappeared. But as she got closer, she saw that in the time it had taken her to run round, the ice had given way and Brandy was under the water. Worse, she was under the net that stretched over the whole pond. Kneeling at the side of the pond and reaching across, Eileen grabbed Brandy under the armpits and hauled her out.

At first, Brandy seemed OK and everyone drew breath after the fright. But soon, she lost the use of her legs – she was dragging her back legs around. Eileen and Kevin took her straight to the vet who prescribed metacam and rest. After an initial improvement, Brandy seemed to slip back and get worse. She didn't seem to be in pain, but her character changed and she sat on her blanket most of the day.

Worried about this, Kevin talked to friends and his boss recommended taking Brandy to Vav. When three weeks had passed without real improvement, they made the appointment. By then Brandy was constipated and was becoming unable to pee.

Brandy is a Tekal – a standard working Dachshund, with quite a long back. Surprisingly, Vav found most of her spine was actually OK, but her pelvis was twisted every way it could be.

Immediately after chiropractic treatment, Brandy was up on all four feet, and able to walk. She was knuckling over a bit, which meant that the nerves going to the foot were not happy straight-away, but Vav was hopeful that they would recover with time.

The vet checked her over a few weeks later and was pleased. She said that if Brandy had not been so much better they would have had to Xray and operate on her back.

Now, after four sessions, Brandy is walking normally, back to her normal self. Each time, it was her pelvis that Vav had to treat, with a few low back vertebrae. It was as though her back needed some time for sorting itself out. Vav's best guess was that either Brandy had misaligned it as she struggled in the water, or perhaps her back legs had caught under the ice as she was pulled out.

After each treatment, Brandy improved – her bowel and bladder regained control, the knuckling disappeared, walking stronger and longer and finally she was playing spontaneously again.

Some of Our Success Stories

Lame, constipated, incontinent...