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Raw Meaty Bones
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A Chiropractic Case Study


Once in a while, a professional comes across a situation they recognise and understand where other professionals haven't. Although there are overlaps in training, the different professions aim to work in different ways. So it should be no surprise that this happens - but when it does, we often are surprised.

It is my opinion, and the view of the McTimoney Chiropractic College, that all working animals should be given chiropractic treatment before, during and after their career. This will help to counteract the effect of predominantly one-sided working, as well as occasional trauma. Given that they usually work on their owner's left in a fixed harness, this will be particularly important to Guide Dogs. Regular treatment would reduce injuries, vet bills and disruption, and would lengthen the efficient working career.

Vav Simon, DC, AMC, FRCC.


Not everyone has heard of chiropractic treatment for animals. However, that's what I do. Dogs, cats and horses, farm animals, exotic creatures in zoos, and various unusual pets can all benefit from this gentle holistic treatment.

I'm a McTimoney Chiropractor, qualified to treat both people and animals. Under current law, vets are not allowed to manipulate animals unless they are specifically qualified to do so. However, chiropractors must receive the vet's permission to treat any animal. I have had a busy practice for many years on the Isle of Wright and have patients all over the UK and Ireland.

The McTimoney form of Chiropractic is a gentle, effective and whole body treatment. It aims to restore the integrity of the body's nervous system. This is done by releasing and impingement by the skeletal bones on the nerves nearby by delivering a fast adjustment by hand directly to the mis-aligned bone. Following manipulation, I use various soft tissue techniques to encourage the patient's own natural healing process and to give some relief and relaxation.

These misalignments happen either because of a trauma (eg falls, traffic accidents, general anesthetic or severe illness) or more usually some form of repetitive asymmetry in action (various awkward manoeuvres such as getting in and out of a car, being corrected whilst lead-walking, etc).