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Star of the Month

To let everyone share in our excitement in their improvement, we thought we would highlight the great progress some animals
have made.

Heidi is an Alpaca

From Rescue to National Competition

My Buffalo's Back!

Back In The Show Ring

Over the Moon

Back in Perfect Balance

From ‘No Hope’ to Winning!

Life's a Canter for Trampus

A Brazilian Tapir's Bathroom Accident

But he’s not lame!

Miracle Achieved, 100%!

Nearly Put Down 2 Months Ago!

Mending Mabel

Getting the Measure of Tapeworm

Dedication Makes All the Difference!

Tara's Back-end is Back Again!

Sophie can Stand Again!

Vav Simon
(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

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Some of Our Success Stories

The Old Gentleman

One of eleven pups in a litter from pure-bred Irish Wolfhound and purebred Old English Sheepdog, Bowfell has had an extraordinary life. A prize-winner in his earlier life, he has been a canoeist and a surfer - quite a sea-dog! Despite his seniority he remains a keen and happy pup in his heart and in his head.

He has survived many scrapes - he has had variety of injuries, illnesses and operations. At 16 years old (or so), he is now an old gent with an enlarged heart and arthritis.

He's doing well, but has been slowing down. He's quite wobbly on his back legs - but a little quicker on the return half of his walks!

He is a 'regular' for the Spa now. “It is definitely maintaining a comfortable quality of life in his older years” his Mum says. He stands with the bubbles going and hand-massage for his joints. He uses the hoist as befits someone of his age, very gracefully!

He is noticeably more comfortable for the next 14 hours. He sleeps well, moves better and is more like his old self. “He wags his tail when he arrives, which is all praise to the reassurance Vav and Alex gave him on his first visit."

Snugged Up Safe & Dry"We express our gratitude to Vav Simon and her team at the Natural Therapy Centre for Animals, and to the Riverbank Veterinary Practice, who's combined skills comprising medical, surgical, homeopathic and complimentary, have holistically provided the package of care largely responsible for the present quality of life 'our boy' continues to enjoy."

Angela and David