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Chiropractic Helps Dogs too!

Many horse owners also have a dog or two. Because of a more energetic lifestyle than most dogs, they are more at risk of some causes of pain and movement problems. For instance, they are often jumping in and out of cars and lorries with risks of sprains on landing, and they may be bumped by horses, wheelbarrows or even vehicles.

Chiropractic can help when they get into trouble, just the same as with horses. This hands-only form of treatment re-aligns the bones of the skeleton to ensure that joints work properly, 'trapped nerves' are freed and muscles/ligaments perform well. This improves all factors in the animal's fitness – strength, flexibility and stamina – and where internal organs and glands are involved, it can also improve health.

Yard Accident

Ben the Springer Spaniel was used to hanging around the yard and accompanying his owner when she hacked out, running loose behind the horse.

One day, he was sniffing at something really interesting on the floor of the yard when the horse next to him shifted its weight and trod on his toe. Ben's screams alerted everyone and persuaded the horse to remove its weight. The outside little toe was shattered and the vets had to remove it surgically. The result was that he had to walk awkwardly for a while, recovering from pain. He became misaligned through the diagonal, compensating to keep his weight off the sore toe.

Car Accident

Sharon had three Jack Russells and always took them to the yard with her. They were happy ratting and rabbiting around the farm. When it was time to go home, she opened car boot and all three dogs would leap into the vehicle. Poppy was cannoned into by one of the other dogs fell awkwardly, bounced off the tailgate of the car and landed heavily on her right hind leg, twisted her back and pelvis, and twanged her ribs.

She got up gamely, but from then on she looked banana shaped, walking on three legs and yelping if anyone stroked her back. She also became aggressive to other dogs as she was guarding her painful back from being knocked again.

Not an Accident!

Basil the Collie would constantly go past loose boxes, jumping up at horses' muzzles trying to nip them. He would also try to herd the horses in the field. Worse still, he would occasionally jump up behind them and try to swing on their tails. No matter how often his owner tried to stop him, it was just typical Collie behaviour. Eventually the inevitable happened, he was kicked in face – not badly – but enough to twist his neck which caused him to hold his head to one side and yelp when lowering his face to his bowl to eat or drink. Basil was lucky – others have been killed.

Chiropractic Helps

In each case, one session of chiropractic was enough to make a large difference. A follow-up appointment is usually advisable to help consolidate the improvement or consider other reasons for any lack of progress and discuss the options.

Performance enhancement for competitive dogs is another area of benefit. Your dog may be healthy, but chiropractic treatment to enhance every joint in his body may give him even more physical fitness, improve his outline and give his coat a beautiful gleam of health.