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News about Natural Therapies 2014

January 2014 Alternative Therapies Widely Used for Autism - HealthDay News

A study finds many parents use them alongside conventional treatments to try to manage symptoms.

"…it wasn't because [parents] couldn't get access to [conventional] services. It was just the opposite: The more services you got, the more likely you were to be getting complementary medicine," said study author Dr. Robin Hansen, chief of child development and behavioural paediatrics at the University of California, Davis.

Hansen said the severity of the condition didn't appear to be a factor in the decision to try an alternative treatment. And children with autism were just as likely to be fully vaccinated as their normally developing peers.

But education did seem to play a role. Children with at least one parent who had finished college were about twice as likely to be using a complementary therapy as kids with less-educated parents.

February 2014 “Two Steps forward” - New Scientist

What is the third leading cause of death in the developed world?

Given that cancer and heart disease top the list, you might hazard a guess at diabetes, stroke or car accidents. You’d be wrong.

The answer is “iatrogenic” deaths - those caused by medical errors, adverse drug reactions or hospital acquired infections….”

Presumably, the situation is different in veterinary medicine - many deaths are “kind”: that is, euthanasia. But beyond that…