Vav Simon
(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

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And with fitness programmes, we have had animals who go on to win championships. Their owners are so thrilled that they can’t wait to share their good news with us! As well as our hydrotherapy and chiropractic services for dogs, we now have various dog training classes organized, including Flyball, Agility and Puppy Training. We also have a Cross-Country Course at an easy standard around 3 fields for horse riders wanting to extend their jumping skills.

We started with the buildings suffering from 25 years of neglect. Our renovation projects have brought many areas back into productive use – though there is still more to do!

In discussions with the Canine Hydrotherapy Association, we have been told that our clinical standard is near the top of the game. We have discovered that very few hydrotherapy pools are operated by clinical professionals. Vav’s years of training in movement, massage and chiropractic help her previous hydrotherapy experience develop into a hugely successful rehabilitation process. And her commitment to professional development in national committees provides her with an overview of the standards and skills that helps us to be a little bit proud of our achievements.

In The Press


The Natural Therapy Centre for Animals has now been in operation for twelve months. We’re celebrating!

It has been a bumpy ride with all sorts of pressures and stresses, but we have made enormous strides towards our vision of the full operation. We have had lots of help from our staff team, lots of good wishes from animal owners, and some very useful support from various professionals.

We get a new animal to assess every other day. Each animal is assessed individually to ensure we arrange the best treatment programme possible. Referrals can come from vets, from owners and from insurance companies.

Building on Vav Simon’s 40-year career in healing animals, we have greatly broadened the range of health problems we can help with. Using the new hydrotherapy equipment for dogs in combination with chiropractic and massage allows her to speed up the recovery process.

As we originally planned, we have three types of service: rehabilitation for medical cases, fitness programmes to help improve healthy animals, and fun-time facilities too! We continue to work with horses, dogs and cats, but we have recently had success with an alpaca and a buffalo - both so lame they may have had to be put down!

In our rehabilitation work, we have had a string of successes with animals who we have brought back to full recovery at the 11th hour, when vets have reached the limits of their professional skills. These teamwork efforts are very rewarding as they prove that complementary and orthodox therapies can work together effectively.