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Detective Work Required

Most natural therapies can treat a wide range of problems. They are more sophisticated approaches to healthcare than many people realise.

This is even more important now that new DEFRA codes for pet welfare have come into force.

People usually think of chiropractic for lameness, but it can also help with some surprisingly difficult puzzles.

For more information about Detective Work…

Mending Mabel

Sophie worried about her guinea-pig for months. Mabel didn’t want to eat, was very unhappy and had lost interest in life. Horner's Syndrome was responsible - extreme neck misalignments - but chiropractic reversed it successfully.

Lame, constipated, incontinent...

The ice wasn't thick enough to support her weight.
Rescued, Brandy seemed OK for a while and then she slipped towards more and more disabled…

The Tale of the New Wag

Fen is a 4 year-old chocolate and white Border Collie who’s tail was very short and very limp. It seemed his mother had bitten half his tail off while cleaning him just after birth and she'd also chewed off a toe. He'd never been able to move the tail – it had always hung like a limp rag…

Range of Problems

Animal down, off it’s legs

Lameness, fore or hind

Dangerous behaviour

Performance puzzles

Geriatric care

Long-term care

Other problems

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