Vav Simon
(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

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Raw Meaty Bones
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When we check what people think of our services, we asked: "Would you recommend this Centre to others?"

"Most certainly."

"Always have, always will."


"Yes, already recommended a friend"

"Yes and have done"

"Yes I would and I have and all have been amazed at the difference in their dogs."

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More comments from animal owners that might reassure people considering using Vav's skills and her team.

“New lease of life, his back end is much stronger. He has more energy – a 15 year-old puppy!!

“Now he’s much more active than many 14 year-olds.”

“Very good – 100% better!”

“My dog has improved in fitness and wellbeing. Before treatment from you, my dog was always visiting the vet with on-going back leg problems.”

“Missi has been a totally different dog, charging around everywhere with no ill effects. After everything that went wrong [an accident at home], it’s wonderful to be able to let her run without worrying. Thank you all who helped get her back on her feet.”

“Has recovered from injury and has gone back to full fitness. Now trotting well and not showing any signs of unsoundness.”

“When she started, my yellow lab was overweight and sluggish after the birth of her puppies. She is now active, alert and well-motivated to run, swim and perform well in the show ring. A fantastic improvement.”

“My Irish Setter Duke who is nearly 12 was in a bad way with his hind leg with arthritis. After only six weeks on the hydrotherapy programme he was already showing signs of improvement, getting back to his old ways, enjoying his walks. Now he is like a two year old and back to his cheeky old self, and playing with my other two dogs. He doesn’t need any drugs to keep him going – couldn’t be happier.

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