Vav Simon
(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

01983 566009

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Press Section

Please may we make a point or two to help journalists and editors:

As the discussion of complementary therapies in the nation's healthcare provision gains energy, there are increasing numbers of misleading headline and copy references:

  1. Many complementary therapies are NOT medicines - phrases such as 'alternative medicines' are misleading and unhelpful to the quality of debate.
  1. Many complementary therapies would rather NOT be called 'alternative' at all - most see themselves as 'complementary', helping with the orthodox approach rather than combating it. It is true that some patients prefer complementary therapies and refuse orthodox treatments for themselves (or owners refuse for their animals) - this is their own decision which they have a right to, but this should not be recommended by any properly trained, qualified and regulated therapist.
    However, most people use complementary therapies in addition to conventional health services.
  1. The chiropractic treatments used by Vav Simon are entirely proper and she has vets, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals as human patients and as animal owners. For humans, chiropractic has been available from BUPA for many years, and has recently become available through the NHS. However, many chiropractors prefer to work freelance as it means they are not affected by the massive delays in the NHS, it’s admin problems, or demands that cannot or should not be met.

Notes for Editors

Isle of Wight Natural Therapy Centre for Animals is the brain-child of Vav Simon, a leading chiropractor qualified to work with both humans and animals.

Vav provides chiropractic, massage, homeopathy, herbs and more - gentle and holistic natural therapies for horses, dogs and other animals, complementary to the skills of veterinary medicine.

Vav offers a visiting service around Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Sussex, Berkshire, Surrey and the Isle of Wight. Assessment and treatment usually on the same day.

She has been Chair of the Animal Chiropractic Group one of her professional associations, Registrar of the College of Chiropractors Animal Faculty, and also the Director of Academic Affairs for the College of Chiropractors Animal Faculty.

Vav Simon’s name is unusual – it IS spelled VAV – it is a contraction of her Scottish Gaelic name MHAIRI (pronounced Vaarri).

Several digital images of Vav treating animals are available.

More background information, case examples & photos available at

Contact Vav or her husband Dave for further information on 01983 566009.