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Vav Simon
(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

01983 566009

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Raw Meaty Bones
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About Us

What People Say - Professionals

“I liked Vav when I first met her – she has a manner with horses that instilled confidence in me. I’ve met so many professionals over the years that she immediately stood out as different. I’ve used her for 7 years now and wouldn’t use anyone else. I always recommend her to my liveries and other local owners.

She has kept horses, ridden horses and worked with horses for so long that she completely understands them. She is a very knowledgeable and skilled horse-person, and is not at all frightened of them – like some other professionals I’ve met!

She is also a skilled therapist. I see improvements with almost every horse she treats. But when there is nothing wrong with the horse, she says so immediately – she is honest with me, and that reassures me too.

All she uses is her hands, her training and her experience. She needs no fancy machines. She can often tell what’s wrong with one glance. It’s very impressive.

Nowadays, I don’t wait-and-see with problems the way lots of people do. I book Vav quick – it’s worth it for me because I need my animals working! And I recently discovered she can do the same with dogs too. My old bitch was obviously sore after the younger dog had jumped on her back. I casually asked Vav if she could help. Immediately after the treatment, she just kept coming back to Vav and rubbing up against her leg as if to say Thanks!”

Beth Davies BHSII
Proprietor of Quob Stables Equestrian Centre, Durley, Southampton

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