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Tummy Troubles

Christy was not herself. Her owner didn’t know why and asked me during a regular six-monthly visit. Having seen this horse for many years, I immediately noticed the loss of condition suggesting a tapeworm infestation. Regular use of the best wormers had not worked, and this hid the problem. Eventually herbal wormers proved effective.

Diet can also lead to many problems. Aside from under-and over-feeding, some troubles may be caused by misleading information. For instance, some low protein feeds claimed to be good for laminitis contain alfalfa, a very high protein seed which causes allergic reactions in some types of horses.

Cycles and Riders

While slips and trips are the more obvious causes of chiropractic misalignments, less well-known are the RSI-types, which I find can be more serious. Asymmetrical exercises like always circling one way round a school can eventually ‘bed in’ imbalances that impede strong free-flowing movement. A badly fitting saddle can pinch the withers or hinder the shoulder action. A misaligned rider can focus pressure on one side more than the other, or make the saddle twist mid-air during a jump – distracting the horse and maybe the rider too! Even more obscurely, a misaligned rider can confuse the horse with saddle movements that contradict messages through the reins and legs.

Chiropractors can often improve your horse’s performance through treatment, or through advice based on a fresh eye seeing holistically. They are independent professionals, who will always refer problems they cannot help back to the vet. They often treat dogs and other pets, having trained first on humans. This is why they can help the horse and rider to achieve best performance as a team.

Our Articles:

Puzzling Loss of Performance

A chiropractor offers some clues

By Vav Simon DC AMC FRCC

Apart from an obvious lameness, there are many causes for a loss of performance. Some are very subtle and can escape even long-experienced handlers.

Loose Ligaments

Kluedo had flu’. He never seemed to recover his form at dressage. Treatment resulted in immediate improvements which lead on to Advanced and then Regional success! The problem I found was that the flu’ had loosened his ligaments, allowing his back to misalign, which had trapped several nerves and so impaired his movement.

Pregnancy, especially approaching labour, can do exactly the same thing. Hormones relax the ligaments for the birth, which can affect the body in other places too. A teenage growth spurt can also provoke problems in a similar way.

Misalignments Matter

These misalignments can be very small, and yet can cause large problems. They are more easily detected by seeing their effects than seeing the spine change. They are often invisible to Xrays. Chiropractors are trained to develop very sensitive detection skills by fingertip touch to find these subtle changes.

Once found, these misalignments can be immediately corrected, by hand, relatively painlessly. Chiropractors treat the whole body in case there are several problems at work. Pain is eased, flexibility and strength are restored and internal organs function better.