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Record-breaking Rescue Result

This filly just wasn’t getting any chance to allow her shoulder to heal, and had visibly lost condition. The yard had run out of answers.

Vav made her chiropractic assessment and found nothing wrong with the joints in any of the legs. However, there was a large area of shoulder and neck muscle that was in total spasm. So this filly was in so much pain from over-using damaged muscles that she would not put the foot to the floor.

Mobile therapy methods

Vav treated these muscles with hand-massage for over an hour, following the limping filly as she followed her mother around the field. As well as removing the spasms this increased the blood-flow to bring extra oxygen and remove the flood of lactic acid released from the cramped muscles. She then used the ancient method of natural healing to calm the whole system and encourage the lymph system to take away the toxins.

On her next visit to the yard, she couldn’t see the filly.

Fearing the worst, she enquired how it had fared. “Oh, she went to the sales and fetched a record sum — more than £100,000 guineas”.

Visiting a famous yard, Vav noticed a filly running around a paddock holding a front leg up. It was so unusual that it stood out as a big problem, so Vav asked about it. The manager said it was a shame, she had impeccable breeding and there had been high hopes for her.

Because she had been expected to do so well, they had tried absolutely everything to sort it out but without any success. The filly was booked to be sent to the kennels in two days time.

Vav asked what had happened. They said that the mother was a nutty mare who ran about all over the place. She had caused the filly to fall, and then was still running around, forcing the filly to follow her all day.

Challenging shoulder injuries

Shoulder injuries are very difficult to nurse back to health because the shoulder is not a conventional joint – it is a muscle and ligament sling. Lying down to rest it may be too uncomfortable and horses won’t lie down if they are not confident they can use that leg to push themselves back up again.