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Star of the Month

To let everyone share in our excitement in their improvement, we thought we would highlight the great progress some animals
have made.

Heidi is an Alpaca

From Rescue to National Competition

My Buffalo's Back!

Back In The Show Ring

Over the Moon

Back in Perfect Balance

From ‘No Hope’ to Winning!

Life's a Canter for Trampus

A Brazilian Tapir's Bathroom Accident

But he’s not lame!

Miracle Achieved, 100%!

Nearly Put Down 2 Months Ago!

Mending Mabel

Getting the Measure of Tapeworm

Dedication Makes All the Difference!

Tara's Back-end is Back Again!

Sophie can Stand Again!

Better Than 100%

Lame, constipated, incontinent...

The Tale of the New Wag

Some of Our Success Stories

From Rescue to National Competitor

This ten-year-old thoroughbred mare nearly starved to death before she was two.

She was found by the RSPCA in a barn with several other horses who were all dead or dying. This resulted in a major court case for cruelty, which got a lot of press because the owner was a famous competitor. The RSPCA inspector described it as “the worst case I have ever seen”.

She was then homed to a couple who couldn’t manage her and beat her when she reared up. She was taken back to the RSPCA for many months before Gill looked in on her. They fell in love “as you do”, Gill said. By then her legs were also quite badly cut after some other mares in the field turned on her and drove her into farm implements.

Gill named her Barcardi Breezer (‘B’ for short) and started a patient trust-building process. “She was petrified of everybody”. In a livery yard, Vav was asked to see her and heard that she was bucking, rearing and dropping her back end. After working on her atlas, neck and pelvis, Vav noticed that she was tender through her withers and advised Gill to get the saddle checked. The saddle had been on loan, and turned out to have a broken tree, which must have upset the mare again. After a poor job was done locally, Vav recommended Kay Humphries, a saddle specialist.

“Vav’s treatment has helped enormously”, Gill said. “Just the expression on B’s face after the treatment told you that.” They started dressage training and then took up show-jumping and have reached British Novice level. This has needed all Gill’s patience – “I just sat and read a book in the stables with her to begin with, when she wouldn’t let anybody get close to her”.

“When Vav got busy with her new Centre, I had to try some local therapists. They couldn’t put their hands on her, B was still timid and slow to trust. But Vav came back and just got straight on with the treatment.”

“My Show-Jump trainer has noticed the difference. He said she has grown up, filled out and is now level-headed instead of suicidal! When Vav comes to do the six-month checkup, there’s invariably something wrong in the pelvis. But that’s because of the work she’s doing, practicing the jumps.”

So this mare has gone from major problem – rescued near death, then beaten and injured, through the backing process and now to national competition. “B loves her Auntie Vav. I’m sure we wouldn’t have got this far without her”. But this has to be a great testimony to the generosity and patience of her owner - we wish them both success!