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Star of the Month

To let everyone share in our excitement in their improvement, we thought we would highlight the great progress some animals
have made.

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Some of Our Success Stories

Miracle Achieved, 100%!

A vet phoned and said to Vav “We need some of your magic, please”.

He’d tried everything he could to help Scrumpy, a 9 year-old Yorkie-Norfolk terrier crossbreed. He’d said it was the end of the line: he could try ultrasound at £900 or so, but he wouldn’t recommend that. He would rather recommend someone who can do sometimes do magic. It was either that or put her down.

So Miserable

Scrumpy had gone off her food, and taken to hiding in the wardrobe. She couldn’t walk and she was miserable, her tail was drooping to the floor. She had an arched back that was obviously sore as "she would whine as soon as you touched her", Joyce (her owner) said. She’d stopped pooing and weeing, and her normal reflexes had disappeared from her hind legs.

"We didn’t know how this had happened. It sort of arrived and got worse. We wondered if she had been bitten by something poisonous – she had a bump on her back. The vet gave her painkillers, but they didn’t help. The vet said 'Vav Simon is your last resort'”.

Cautious Start

Joyce phoned for an appointment after feeling reassured by looking at the website. She’d had McTimoney chiropractic for herself, but had never heard about chiropractic for animals. Vav's training and background helped her to consider it seriously. She started off being quite cautious about it – “Alternative therapy, you know, it’s something to be careful of”.

But she brought Scrumpy to see Vav, “and she just did a few flicks down her back and then said ‘Scrumpy should wee and poo now, and she’ll probably get her thirst back soon, too’. And before I’d paid her, Scrumpy had wee’d and poo’d and run over to the bowl and drunk her fill.”

Back to Normal

Joyce continued “We went away for a fortnight, taking Scrumpy with us, and she’s eaten, and walked and everything ever since. Her tail is back up, she’s bright and interested – she’s pretty much back to normal!”

At the next appointment two weeks later, Vav said “It’s all sorted” as she did a few adjustments to finish off the treatment, “She’s obviously happy and healthy again. Do you want to bring her back for a six-month check-up to make sure everything stays OK?”

100% for Scrumpy and Vav!

“Vav is a miracle-worker,” Joyce said “I wouldn’t have believed it, and now I tell everyone about her! I wouldn’t have gone on my own accord, but the vet’s recommendation and the website convinced me. She should feel proud of herself. I recommend her 100% now!”

Vav phoned the vet’s practice to leave a message “Magic accomplished!” The receptionist said “We’ve just had Mrs Hudson on the phone to tell us Scrumpy is 100%!”