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Examples of Benefit

We hope this is reassuring for people who are not sure about trying complementary therapies for their animals.

Animal down, off it’s legs:

Alpaca, Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Tapir

Lameness, fore or hind:

Buffalo, Horse

Bucking, rearing, etc:


Performance puzzles:

Dog, Horse

Geriatric care:

Dog, Horse

Long-term care:

Dog, Horse


Not Eating

Limp Tail

Bowel Problems

Please Note:

Our Hydrotherapy facility is now closed for commercial reasons. We are pleased our stories show how beneficial professional hydrotherapy services can be.

Heidi is an Alpaca

A baby alpaca who could not get up, immediately sorted out with Chiropractic. Now featured in a magazine article!

The Old Gentleman

A prize-winner, canoeist and surfer, this old dog took comfort from hydrotherapy.

Toby ‘Torpedo Knickers’ Winn

This 14year-old rescue dog was losing his back-end: recovered after 3 Chiropractic treatments and maintained in a joyful quality of life by hydrotherapy.

From Rescue to National Competition

Described as “the worst case of cruelty” this ten-year-old thoroughbred mare recovered to start dressage training and then serious show-jumping.

Muffin is Walking Again!

A disc had caused nerve damage in this Dachshund’s long & vulnerable backs, disabling his back legs so, he was unable to walk or even stand. Chiropractic and hydrotherapy got him back on his feet and walking.

He’s Getting Younger!

At eleven years old, this Irish Setter was doing well for his breed. However, his back legs were letting him down. Now, “He pulls me round a 3½ mile walk and he jumps a ditch that I can’t”

My Buffalo's Back!

“My buffalo can’t walk, and the vet has tried everything and says it may be time to put her down.” After a chiropractic treatment, she was up and walking again.

Back In The Show Ring

This 2 year-old yellow Labrador had a promising Show career and at Crufts. Then he had an accident that nearly stopped his career dead in its tracks. “I have now got him back in the Show Ring – I’m so impressed – I didn’t think I ever would. Vav’s combination of Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Hydrotherapy has worked wonders!”

Over the Moon

This little rabbit’s back was twisted, leaving his back legs just dragging along the ground. Chiropractic treatment and homeopathy had him hopping about at full power again.

Afraid of Water No More!

A 12½ year-old rescued Labrador/Collie now has bad arthritis. Taken to hydrotherapy elsewhere, he had a fright and panicked in water. Our patient hydrotherapy team got him back in the water, happily exercising and increasingly fit and pain-free.

Back in Perfect Balance

This 11 year-old Westfalian gelding who had been doing really well in dressage tests but never recovered after a bout of flu. Chiropractic restored his performance and he went back to competition and is winning more & more. Now in a magazine article!

Sadie's Transformation

Sadie has arthritis. Swimming has transformed her. She is mobile, lively and alert. She doesn’t seem like an elderly dog anymore.

No Need to Operate Now!

Hydrotherapy exercises followed chiropractic to help this dog recover from a cruciate ligament operation in one knee and prevented the need for operating on the other side!

From ‘No Hope’ to Winning!

A sore shoulder muscle/tendon prevented this Cross-Country prize-winner competing for so long that muscle-wastage was worsening the problem. Chiropractic, SCENAR, homeopathy and farriery – all contributed to get him back to qualify for the National Finals.

Missi’s got her Life Back Again!

This prize-winning American Bulldog had an accident that left her lame and unable to walk. After chiropractic and hydrotherapy, she’s got full use of her life again!

Life's a Canter for Trampus

At the age of 40, he is thought to be the Island's oldest working horse. Equivalent in age to a 120-year-old human, he still goes on hacks three to four times a week thanks to regular chiropractic and massage treatment. Congratulations - he's in the papers!

A Brazilian Tapir's Bathroom Accident

Falling out of the bath hurt Nel's back, leaving her unable to walk. Usually thick-skinned and placid, she was still poorly months later. Chiropractic did the trick and sorted her out!

Football-Mad Fred

Fred was an enormous six-month-old English Mastiff-Dog de Bordeaux–Rottweiler cross with hip dysplasia. Hydrotherapy, chiropractic, muscle-stimulation and homework all made a great difference.

“But he’s not lame!”

Douglas was scared stiff of Human Beings. After some astute psychological treatment along with the chiropractic, now he's allowing himself to be quietly judged at Dog Shows - and winning!

Miracle Achieved, 100%!

Scrumpy had lost her back legs, stopped walking, peeing and pooing, and was hiding in the wardrobe. The vet asked Vav for some of her magic, and she duly obliged!

“We Nearly Put Him Down Only Two Months Ago!”

Max had become wobbly behind, and his back legs wouldn’t work properly. Terrified of strangers, he wouldn’t let Vav get near him, so she had to play psychological games. But it worked and after three treatments, his owners said “He’s back to normal!”

Mending Mabel

Sophie worried about her guinea-pig for months. Mabel didn’t want to eat, was very unhappy and had lost interest in life. Horner's Syndrome was responsible - extreme neck misalignments - but chiropractic reversed it successfully.

Getting the Measure of Tapeworm

Mysterious bouts of colic continued until Vav recommended a herbal wormer.

Dedication Makes All the Difference!

His leg was nearly amputated, but Gus has climbed back to health.

Tara's back-end is back again!

Tara arrived on a blanket. Her back-end had completely gone, but three hours later, Tara was up and walking around...had a set-back and recovered again...!

Sophie Can Stand Again!

More or less completely off her back legs, Sophie was almost unable to move forwards, dragging her back end around, sitting with her back legs splayed out to the side...

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