Star of the Month

To let everyone share in our excitement in their improvement, we thought we would highlight the great progress some animals
have made.

Heidi is an Alpaca

From Rescue to National Competition

My Buffalo's Back!

Back In The Show Ring

Over the Moon

Back in Perfect Balance

From ‘No Hope’ to Winning!

Life's a Canter for Trampus

A Brazilian Tapir's Bathroom Accident

But he’s not lame!

Miracle Achieved, 100%!

Nearly Put Down 2 Months Ago!

Mending Mabel

Getting the Measure of Tapeworm

Dedication Makes All the Difference!

Tara's Back-end is Back Again!

Sophie can Stand Again!

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Some of Our Success Stories

No Need to Operate Now!

A four-an-a-half year-old Springer Spaniel, Tay had a cruciate ligament operation on one side and the vet planned to do the other side as well. Vav was recommended to help with hydrotherapy rehabilitation of the first knee. It was also mentioned as a possibility that she might be able to strengthen the other knee to reduce the need for it to be operated on too.

Vav assessed Tay and after a chiropractic treatment suggested she go straight into the spa to relax and get used to water work.

Next week she came back to try the pool. A tiny bit anxious at the new situation, she took to the pool so quickly that she was retrieving in that first session, and didn’t want to come out at the end of her time!

A few sessions later we introduced her to the Water Walker to work her in straight lines with weight on her joints. Although she wanted to play with the water, she got into a fast trot stride and maintained it for increasing periods. The vet approved of her progress and everyone was pleased.

However, Tay had a little setback, which Vav sorted out with a chiropractic treatment. Discussing the problem with Mark, Tay’s owner, Vav pinpointed retrieving a ball thrown a long distance as the most likely cause. Getting up a great speed over the distance, spinning on a sixpence, grabbing the ball and then dashing back to him was probably putting too much turning strain on Tay’s knee joints. Vav advised all sorts of other exercise, but a ban on retrieving over long distances.

Tay had no more set-backs and she continued to improve. She became quite symmetrical, with long and even strides, gaining stamina all the time. The second knee strengthened so well that it became obvious that there was no need for the cruciate repair operation.

Alex, our Senior Hydrotherapist, said “Tay loves it. She loves the water so much it’s difficult to get her to rest! She’s had no dramas, she has just improved all the way”