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We have access to many Therapies

Mysterious Methods?

Natural (also known as complementary) therapies are more than simply ‘herbal drugs’ or ‘feel-good’ massages.

The term 'natural therapy' includes both remedial and preventative treatments.

Natural therapy services are not always well- known by vets or the general public because the primary source of information about health is the pharmaceutical industry, which has no incentive to publicise non-patentable, inexpensive, natural remedies or cures. Vets (and doctors) are literally barraged each day with drug company reports and free samples. They are told repeatedly that natural therapies aren't proven or don't work.

But, unlike conventional medical treatments, natural therapies are personalised. This can make them more difficult to study in a controlled environment.

BUT, it also makes them more relevant to the actual problem.

However, these therapies are NOT inherently dangerous (unlike many conventional drugs, which have a potential for harm through 'side-effects' even when applied appropriately).

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Why Natural Therapies?

News about Natural Therapies


Following accident or injury, muscles can lose their tone and even reduce in size through lack of use. Occasionally animals will refuse to try to use these muscles until they are built up again, and as we cannot persuade them with reasoned arguments, we have to work the muscles by other means. Small electrical signals make the muscles contract and relax, which provides exercise to help them recover.


Using a very sophisticated electronic feedback, the Scenar device continually monitors the minute electrical impulses through the patient’s skin. It then sends a treatment signal tuned to be very close to the natural nerve impulse so the body can recognise and respond to it. Scenar results are fast, intense and long-lasting. This treatment is extremely safe, with no adverse side-effects and very few contra-indications.


This is a groundbreaking, fully automatic PC-based energy-balancing and complex homeopathic remedy production system. It checks the database of around 200,000 different energy signatures including physical and psychological disorders, allergies, poisonous substances, viral, bacterial, parasitic and other infections against the energy field of the individual patient. It can even work through a hair sample if the patient is away. It then manufactures individualised homeopathic remedies.

Ultrasound Deep Tissue Treatment

Using a longwave ultrasound machine, natural repair systems can be stimulated to deep muscle, ligament and fascia. It can also help to reduce inflammation and swelling in joints. All these treatments will help to alleviate pain and promotes natural healing processes.


Healing is a holistic non-toxic method of dealing with the mental, physical and emotional state, via the energy running through and around the body. Using a 'hands-off' form of healing, Vav can work with animals moving around, and finds that it is usually accepted well.

We provide the natural therapy services that Vav feels comfortable in recommending. This is either because she provides them herself, or because she understands their approach and has checked the therapist is fully trained.


This hands-only form of treatment by post-graduate McTimoney chiropractors re-aligns the bones of the skeleton to ensure that joints work properly, 'trapped nerves' are freed and muscles/ligaments perform well. This improves all factors in the animal's fitness - strength, flexibility and stamina - and where internal organs and glands are involved, it can also improve health.


Massage encourages movement in muscles, increases blood flow and renews nervous pathways. The increased blood flow improves oxygen transport to the site and increases waste product removal, both of which accelerate healing.


This approach to health that treats "like with like”, using inert and biological chemicals diluted to the point of disappearing. This solution is dropped onto tablets that are then swallowed in a treatment programme that stops as soon as improvement is noticed.

Herbal Remedies

Botanical extracts have long been used in medical practice. Ancient doctors methodically collected information about herbs and developed well-defined pharmacopoeias to treat a variety of ailments - and these formed the basis of modern medicine in the 17th century. More than a quarter of all modern drugs contain those same active ingredients. It's estimated that nearly 80 percent of the world's population use herbs for some aspect of primary health care.


Some problems of coordinating and controlling movements are neurological problems. It is the nerve pathway that must be re-established before control over movement is regained. This might be required following injury, surgery or disease, and could happen anywhere along the nerve path.


Our Hydrotherapy facility for dogs is closed for commercial reasons. We have archived some Successes to show how beneficial professional hydrotherapy services can be.