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Muriel Summers &

Marie Williams

Many thanks for Muriel

and Marie sending in this account of their


it's always a worry

when one of our little friends is in trouble

and good to hear when things work out for them.

Editor, Daschund Club Magazine

In The Press

The Three P's

Patience, Perseverance and Prompt Treatment

In January this year, just after her 12th birthday, Metokaf Maxelina (pet name Maxine) moved from her bed and her back legs gave way under her.

She was taken to the vet (a locum) who told us she was too old for an op­eration so he gave her a painkilling injection and told us to take her home and give her tender loving care and some massage. We brought her home, she was alert and bright, her tail wagged and she was not incontinent.

We turned to George McLeod's book "Homeopathy For Pets". He gave a case history of Paraplegia and recommended Ruta Grav and Hypericum so we gave her them. She continued very happy, bright with lots of tail wagging and still not incontinent.

We then contacted Vav Simon, a Chiropractor, who had just opened a Natural Therapies Centre (Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Hydrotherapy) who came every two weeks and after two or three treatments Maxine stood with help and shortly began a wobbly walk.

She improved and began walking, Chiropractic treatment became less frequent. In September Vav Simon had an Open Day (over 150 people attended). We took Maxine with us and Vav told everyone "Here comes my star patient".

Patience, perseverance and prompt treatment paid off and Maxine goes from strength to strength.