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(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

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Raw Meaty Bones
for Dogs



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For horses, dogs and cats

Younger pets may get better immediately. Older patients might have age-related problems that cannot be cured as such, but chiropractic can make them more comfortable, and perhaps help them fend off new illnesses better.

Vav recommends six monthly check-ups to keep the body as straight as possible.

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Chiropractic Treatment

After Assessment, animals can usually be treated immediately, on the spot.

Important nerves pass very close to most of the body’s joints. If the bones get moved out of alignment, even by a small amount, they can sometimes pinch these nerves. This is like stepping on a hosepipe – reducing the messages to and from the muscles.

This can reduce movement, induce pain or discomfort like sciatica, or impair the function of internal organs. When released, things go back to normal quickly, as no permanent damage is caused by these subtle misalignments if corrected quickly.

Once Vav has found the misalignments, she can then adjust the bones with a rapid and accurately placed thrust so that healthy alignment is restored. Occasionally she will stretch a limb, for instance to adjust the pelvis or loosen a hock, etc.

The treatment rarely hurts, and if it does, the adjustment will release the cause of the pain.