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Article in South East Rider,
November 2008

In The Press

Chiropractic for Winners

Even champions have off days!

Highly-tuned competitors can be put off stride by quite subtle problems. Since a very small loss of performance can mean prize-winners being unplaced, these problems can be critical.

All equine athletes can benefit from chiropractic treatment. Improvements in competition performance may be dramatic, consistency can be improved and working life-time can also be extended.

Vav Simon has years of experience doing this. She brings a unique talent to her post-graduate training for chiropractic for animals, which follows the training for humans. She is known for solving puzzling problems – sometimes producing miracles.

Had sciatica?

Sciatic pain can shoot all down your leg without warning. It slows you down, puts you in a bad mood, and lowers your expectations. Sciatica originates from the small of your back, where one nerve gets pinched. Animals can feel a similar discomfort. So treatment aims to release that pinch. And the pain can disappear in seconds.

Important nerves pass very close to most of the body’s joints. If the bones get moved out of alignment, they can sometimes pinch these nerves. This is like stepping on a hosepipe – reducing the messages to and from the muscles. No wonder movement is reduced!

Thorough assessment

Every visit, Vav assesses the whole of the horse’s body. This is because the cause can be a long distance from the area affected, and sometimes there are several causes. She explains what she has found, and can then treat the horse immediately.

Vav works with horses competing on the flat, over jumps, in dressage and shown in hand, as well as those in other forms of work. She finds problems caused by injury like kicks and slips or even flu’, or a variety of repetitive asymmetrical forces like saddle problems or foot imbalance.

Cost-effective treatment

In the treatment, she realigns bones by hand. This ensures all the joints are working at their strongest, and all the nerves are moving muscles at their most efficient. A follow-up visit two weeks later confirms the improvement. Usually, your horse can return to work after a day or two.

Vav can help with a much wider range than most people expect. Lameness, rearing or bucking, or refusing fences or turns, are easier to identify. But a puzzling loss of performance can also stem from subtle misalignments. Popular because it is so cost-effective – chiropractic is a champion therapy!